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Students need a visa to go to China. The type of visa will be dependant on the length of your stay in China:

  • Students studying in China for less than 6 months require an X2 visa.

  • Students studying in China for more than 6 months require an X1 visa.

Students who don¨t have time or are unable to apply for and X1 or X2 visa, may apply for an L visa or tourist visa. Once the student has arrived in China, BLCU will help the student convert the visa to one that is more suitable to their requirements whilst in China.

Applicants should come in person or through a third party (e.g. Travel Agent or Tour Operator) to apply for the Chinese visa during office hours 9 -12 am in Chinese Embassy Chinese Consulates-General in the country you live. Usually, the processing time is about 5- 7 working days. It may be possible to obtain a visa faster using an express or same day service, at some extra cost, however we suggest obtaining your visa well in time of your travel date.

You may apply for a Chinese visa either in person or by mail. The following items are usually required.

  • Completed Visa Application form

  • The original Admission Notice

  • The ^JW201" or "JW202" Form (For X1 visa application only)

  • Two recent passport photos

  • A valid passport will also be required with at least 6 month remaining

  • Full visa application fee







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