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After-class Tutoring

The After-class Tutoring Program brings the classroom and the teacher to you. It is customized to fit your specific Chinese learning needs and preferences, as well as improve your Chinese language ability dramatically.

The After-class Tutoring Program is flexible and held all year around. It offers participants the opportunity to learn Chinese, when, where and how they desire. Our tutors are native Chinese university graduates with at least 3 years experience in teaching Chinese as a second language. They will customize individual study plans based on students' Chinese language levels and desired study fields. Based on the textbook, the tutor can also conduct the class in real communication environment such as shopping, taking bus, meeting friends, etc. The One-on-One tutoring program is an efficient way to improve Chinese language skills in a short period of time.

The After-class Tutorial Program costs USD 25 per hour, usually 10 hours per week. Students can choose from 4 weeks to 1 academic year.

Under 18 Guardianship Service

According to Chinese Law, international students who will be under 18 when they enter China must have a Chinese native adult to be their guardian. This guardian needs to provide Guarantee Statement for the student, which should be submitted together with all other application documents. The university will not process an application from an international student under 18 until the complete documents including Guarantee Statement are received.

The Under 18 Guardian Service is available to international students who:

  • will be under 18-year-old when they enter China and commence their course at BLCU;

  • require a Guarantee Statement from a Beijing native in order to meet the admission requirements.

You and your parents or legal custodian must complete an application for the Under 18 Guardianship Service return this form together with all other required application documents.

The guardianship registration fee is USD 350, which should be paid by credit card or wire transfer. After we receive the documents, we will send you the instructions to complete the payment.

Internship in China

The Internship in China program combines the opportunity to learn Chinese language and explore career options in China when you study at BLCU. If you have at least an elementary command of Mandarin, and are curious about future development in China, the internship program is ideal for you.

Thought of by many as a thorough test drive experience of a job potential, the Internship program is a complimentary program available to students participating in BLCU Chinese Immersion program. It is also available for both professionals and students wishing to taste a sample of China¨s job opportunities, improve their Mandarin, and immerse themselves in Chinese culture.

The internship placement fee is from USD 1500 to USD 2000 depending on the majors, companies, and students' background.


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