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The BLCU library has modern facilities including a state-of-the-art computer-assisted language learning facility and computer labs with Internet access. It occupies 10,000 square meters and holds 700,000 volumes of books and journals, which specialize in teaching Chinese as a second language, linguistics, the humanities, finance, computer and natural science.

With the help of various multimedia and audio-visual equipment and electronic publications, such as a multi-media reading room, audio-visual reading room, and a language laboratory, BLCU's library network and automation development ranks "A" among university libraries in Beijing.

The library is divided into the library office, the Acquisition and Cataloguing, the Circulation and Reading, the information section, and one library branch. The study room, reading room, and photocopying room with fax services are available for students. The library offers a series of services like book lending, copying services, literature and intelligence consulting, and internet access.

Recreation Facilities

A new Recreation Centre is available at BLCU, including indoor courts, a swimming pool, and work-out gym. Additionally, the university also provides outdoor grounds for playing football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, batting practice, etc. With student ID card, students can easily rent various kinds of equipment.


Laundry facilities and dry-cleaning services are available on campus. To help students, the dormitory building also provides coin-operated washing machines.

Money & Banking

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is continently located on the university campus. A range of services are available for international students, including deposits, currency exchange, remittance services, and also accepts credit cards and travelers checks. Additionally, Bank of China and the Agriculture Bank of China are located off campus within walk distance. Opening Hours: 9 am C 5 pm, Monday - Sunday

Medical Care

There is a University hospital located in the southwest of the campus. With the student card, the hospital charges RMB 2 for an ordinary case and RMB 4 for an emergency case. Extra payment includes medicine prescription and house calls.

Peking University's Third Hospital, the Chinese-Japanese Friendship Hospital or the ISOS Clinic is available for serious illness, such as special outpatient services and wards.

Food & Groceries

Both Chinese and Western food are offered through university cafeterias with a range from 5 to 25 RMB. In addition, a special restaurant caters to Islamic students. In the area around the university, there are plenty of restaurants offering Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western food with a variety of delicious foods and longer service times.

A few convenience stores can be found inside the campus where students can buy food and snacks, soft drinks, stationery and daily use items. An array of stores, including chain grocery stores, local shops, music stores, eyeglass shops, clothing boutiques are available off campus within walking distance.

Postal Services

A post office is right located in the center of the campus grounds. Students can send and receive mail and parcels, which also offers envelopes, stamp and post boxes. It is open 10 am C 4 pm, Monday C Friday; 9 am C 12 pm on Saturday


The BLCU campus is located in Beijing's convenient Haidian District BLCU is 15 kilometers away from Tian' anmen Square and the Forbidden City, 35 kilometers away from the Capital Airport, 20 kilometers away from the Beijing Railway Station and 12 kilometers from the Beijing West Railway Station.

From the airport to the university: 1 hour by car

From the train station to the university: 30 minutes by car

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