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In order to make students studying Chinese in Beijing have the best experience learning Mandarin Chinese, we offers a series of free after school electives. These electives will help your Mandarin skills grow when you study Chinese in Beijing, and to combine a little of Chinese culture with education. The electives are divided into two categories: language and non-language, although actually even the non-language classes will help improve your Chinese Language skills when you study Chinese in Beijing.

      LANGUAGE: Chinese Character Writing and Chinese Song Classes

  • Chinese Character Writing: A supplementary class to writing classes. Focus is on further development of characters and the radical system.
  • Chinese Song Classes: An introduction to both traditional folk and modern (pop) Chinese songs. Lyrics are written in both pinyin (Romanized letters) and hanzi (Chinese characters) in order to further strengthen reading and speaking skills.

      NON-LANGUAGE: Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Tai Chi

  • Chinese Painting: An introduction to one of the most popular traditional Chinese painting techniques - water colour painting, taught by a professional artist.
  • Calligraphy: An introduction to the ancient and sublime art form of Chinese calligraphy. Learn the eight styles, how to hold the brush, and the proper order of strokes. Students will select one style and develop their skills.
  • Traditional Chinese Massage and Medicine: An introduction to the ancient Chinese view of the human body and the causes of illness. Remedial techniques will include herbal medicine and massage.
  • Taiji Quan (Tai Chi): An introduction to the softer and more fluid martial arts, with a focus on internal power to improve health and wellness, both physically and mentally.


To keep students studying Chinese in Beijing entertained and connected, we offer a range of social and culture activities. Here is a chance for you to meet other international students like yourself who are learning Chinese in Beijing, and immerse yourself in a variety of activities that are designed to keep your blood flowing and your language skills developing. During your study in Beijing, try your hand at the Chinese phenomenon of singing karaoke in a real karaoke bar, complete with costumes, choreography, and flashing lights.

The social and culture activities calendar varies and listed below are a sampling of the many activities organized:

  • Dinner feasts to taste popular Chinese cuisines ranging from the famous traditional Peking duck to Shanghai, Sichuan, Northeast, Inner Mongolia foods and more.
  • Shopping outings to the Silk Market, Panjiayuan Antique Market, Hongqiao Pearl market, Dongan night market, Wangfujing, and other local favorite places
  • Attend performances such as the Peking Opera and Chinese Acrobats
  • Visit a traditional Chinese teahouse and learn about the tea ceremonies
  • Visit various art exhibitions and galleries to see both traditional and contemporary art
  • Making Chinese handicrafts and pottery at the arts and crafts workshop
  • Enjoy a traditional Chinese massage under qualified message practitioners
  • Karaoke where all can sing songs from English, Korean, Japanese to Chinese and more
  • Bar and club nights starting from Wudaokou to Sanliturn

Language Exchange

Language Exchange provides language and cultural interaction between international students and Chinese students, marking the beginning of many lasting friendships. It is a perfect opportunity to practice the language and encourages cultural and social exchange.

One of the integral aspects of BLCU Chinese Immersion Program is intensive interaction with local Chinese native speakers. In our program, each participant is introduced to a Chinese student as his or her language partner at the start of the program.

The language partners may engage in social and cultural activities together. The activities may include playing sports and games, visiting popular Beijing attractions, to meeting up with one another for lunch or dinner, or regular outings. Participants are free to arrange suitable meeting times with their language partners and to decide on what activities they wish to undertake during these meetings.

BLCU Chinese Immersion Programs are open to people from all over the world, who are at least 18 years old, or those who have completed high school (exceptions during the summer). BLCU Chinese Immersion Programs offer an international atmosphere with participants from different linguistic backgrounds, proficiency levels and a wide variety of needs.

TOTAL PROGRAM FEES cover tuition, accommodation, visa support documents, books, placement test, certificate, orientation, emergency travel and medical insurance, and much more.


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