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Blessed with a northern location resulting in a four-season continental climate, Beijing is an ideal representation of the tides of change. As a political, cultural and economic centre of China, this ancient capital is on the move. Home to over 14,000,000 people and centre stage for the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing has dusted off her traditional shen-i and donned a pair of jeans to show she can not only keep up but also lead.  
With every passing year Beijing climbs higher and stretches wider as more and more high rises dot the horizon and thousands more flock the city to discover its historical roots, explore its educational avenues, and capitalize on the multitude of business opportunities.

As the second largest city in China, Beijing is a hub of travel activity; with a plethora of international flights, and dozens of railways, roads and motorways zig-zagging throughout. Travelers will never feel alone as thousands of students and travellers alike frequent the numerous bars, clubs, teahouses and shopping malls.

Of course there are places for respite and serenity as well. Temples, parks and gardens offer the opportunity to pause in the grandeur of life and contemplate one¨s natural surroundings.

The nightlife and restaurant offerings in Beijing continue to surprise new arrivals. There are numerous bars and clubs which cater for all tastes. Both locals and foreigners can be seen partying together like in no other Chinese city. The number of bars and clubs are too many to list with more being built all the time. As for restaurants, every cuisine imaginable is well represented, with numerous foreign restaurants and Chinese restaurants serving food from all regions of the world.  
Beijing is an exciting, unique place, with an undercurrent of charm that should evoke a sense of curiosity and fascination in anyone. Welcome to study Chinese in Beijing!

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